Thank you to all participants For attending

Mid-Hudson NYSBOC

November All Day Training Class

In Person 7 Hours DOS Credit*

November 10, 2021

Credit Hours 
Trainer/Registration # 
7am to 8am 
Continental Breakfast provided 
8am to 12pm 
Swimming Pools Based on the Electrical Codes 
4 Hours 
Topic 2 
Salvatore Ferrara  

Reg # T02-07-3031 

12pm to 1pm 
Lunch/Mid-Hudson NYSBOC Meeting 
Lunch Provided 
1pm to 3pm 
Plumbing 101 for the Code Official
Plumbing 102 for the Code Official 


1 Hour 

1 Hour



Topic 2 


Topic 2 

Anthony Giangrasso               Reg. # T02-07-3020 

Reg. # T02-07-3021 


3pm to 4pm 
Workers Compensation & Disability Benefits 
1 Hour 
Topic 1 
Walt Peretti  

Reg. # T02-07-0063